Player Model Questions

I’ve noticed that there are some player models out there that can be slightly broken (or maybe not?)… But on one server, a select few, if you were them you would spawn in weird places, die in some maps, and if you equipped them on Community Bowling in the right spot, you would teleport into the secret knife room.

Is there a way to fix broken models like this?

Also if it’s not possible to fix models like these, could someone help me find a working player model of this ghillie suit. Not the ugly combine one, but this one in the screenshot. I’ve played with this ghillie suit on other servers just fine but somehow on the current server it is broken. Any info on the topic would be great

You could always join a server with a working ghillie suit and take the model they are using from your download folder in garrysmod/download/

Although it’s kinda a dick thing to do.

As far as I know theres only one version of that specific ghillie suit on the workshop. However, I used it and it works just fine.