Player Model/Ragdoll Error in Context Menu Thumbnail... Shows Properly In-World

I’ve got a player model I’m working on in Blender which exports fine and shows up fully-textured in-world. I can spawn ragdolls of it which also show up as textured. It will even show up fully textured on the full-body walking preview in the Context Menu. However, the character face thumbnail to the right shows as an error sign, as well as the ragdoll thumbnail in the Spawn List menu. I’ve looked over my .qc file and .vmt file, and looked over decompiled models’ files to find any differences, but I can’t for the life of me find anything that would direct GMod on what to display for the thumbnail of a player model/ragdoll. Google Search also returns irrelevant results as I’m in single-player mode and thus not using FastDL.

Can anyone please explain how GMod generates a thumbnail in the Context/Spawn Menus? It might help me find out what I’m missing or did wrong when compiling the model.

Right click on the icon then click Re-Render.

Thank you! I didn’t even know that was possible! That fixed the issue right away :smiley: