Player Model Request - A Funny One

Hi, everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could make me a playermodel?

I need a horse with a good set of testicles.

Use this for reference:

Ponghest translates roughly to ballsack-horse. (pong-ballsack & hest-horse). Norwegian…

If anyone wants to do this or have any tips all is welcomed.


That’s the most immature thing I’ve seen on here… to date.

Well, my friend has this weird name and has no way to express his true form. Until now, I hope.

Altough I definately see your point, it is still somethng I request. :slight_smile:

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And, btw, the picture is up now. :slight_smile:

…The fuck?

Is there a problem with this request? :S


This is a serious request, you guys!