Player Model Request: John Blake

John Blake is one of my most favorite Batman Characters, I would like to have a player model for Garry’s Mod that looks like him. I know someone who can texture it, but can’t model. I will give in detail what he looks like with links too.

He has a sweater that says “GCPD,” What looks like a blue/black Polo shirt and jacket, with a GCPD patch on his left shoulder, a radio on his left shoulder, a GCPD on the left of his body “GC” on pin thing on the right side of his arm and “PD” on his left. Links might help better than what I describe.

Pretty much everything:



Again, you don’t have to texture it, and if there’s something like the patch that you think that my friend can just put on, that’s fine. Thank-you for visiting my request page.