Player Model Scripts

Hi, I am requesting for a decent coder to do 2 player model scripts. The first script is a anti-minge script, where when a Player joins it checks for there model. If the model is Dr.Kleiner it automatically kicks them with a reason of “Change your player model minge!”. Then second is a command for ASSMod where you can change someones player model through the ASSMod menu. Thank you.

why would you kick them

they would have to join another server, change it, then join yours again

Minges Don’t change there player model, if It kicks them they will just join another server. I’m just asking if anyone can do this for me? Thank you.

One reason why I Don’t want to completely ban them is because people who play in single player or a different multiplayer game may have a player model we Don’t have. And the server will automatically change them to Dr.Kleiner. We Don’t want innocent players being banned over a misunderstanding player model. Kicking would be better. If anyone could code those two features that would be great.

i’m not saying you should ban them. the point is if you kick someone who’s new to the game or uses a custom playermodel, you obviously do not want their company therefore isolating your community only to people who have changed their playermodel which is completely pointless.

a message that pops up in their chat every 10 seconds would be better.

you shouldn’t classify everyone who uses kleiner as a minge.

Actually that does sound a lot better haha, but could anyone code those two commands for me? I am no where near a decent coder. If anyone could code them that would be great.