Player model Section?

(Sorry for my english)
I wonder if there is a section for requests for player model please?

I am interested by the skin of female commander shepard (armor by default) but I do not have the knowledge required for model animation :frowning:

Here is the link:

And one screen:

thank you for your help.

You don’t need to reanimate each model every time. Just rig it to the HL2 bones and it should work.

I tried with files .qc but I understand nothing. And tools provided by steam encounters problems all times.
This is why I wonder if someone with a good knowledge would be able to do so.
j’ai vraiment essayé mais je n’y arrive pas ><

Player Appearance Customizer allows for custom player model without the need for the model to have player animations. Not always, though, and sometimes bugs may occur (fingers or other loose parts getting glitched)

Still better than nothing, as rigging any model to hl2 player bones is no simple task.

I found the right section for this kind of request, I will recreate the post at the right place.
I will look at the link you gave me thank you.