Player model shows in T Position , why?

Now my Player model works , but in T position , why it happens?
and yes im really noob on this, i just want to know about modeling.

It needs to be rigged…

That would probably be because the model is missing animations. Either you didn’t compile with player animations, you didn’t rig it to the right skeleton, or you didn’t rig it at all.

Ok , but how? and what file ?

EDIT: HELP please

How do i compile it to Player Animations , and how to rig it , im a noob
This what i have:

Please , i need help

please answer

You need to rig it by assigning bones in a 3D program. I suppose it would be easier to start of with a simple low-poly model and rig it to the valve skeleton, I’m not actually sure.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

The mesh needs to be rigged to a valve skeleton. As an example, in 3DS Max you have to import the bone structure, apply a skin modifier to the mesh then carefully set the individual bone weights. For a first timer it can be tricky to get it right and you’ll most likely see verts incorrectly weighted (or assigned to the wrong bones) but practice makes perfect.

Ok , but , how do i do that?

Is it rigged with valve skeleton? Yes or No?
Did you include the player skeletons on the qc file? Yes or No?

1.- I don’t know , but its a ragdoll i can move it , so i think its rigged
2.- I don’t have a .qc File , i just have the textures and .vvd , .vtx , .mdl , .phy files

How, exactly, did you make this model? Did you actually make it in a 3d editor, or is it just a reskin/hex?

The .qc file is used with the .smd files in the compiling process. The files you have are the output of having compiled the model.

I Picked up Bloocobalt’s Human hunter model

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So , what can i do with these files?

And what next? Did you do ANY editing of the model, even just renaming it?

This is what i did:
1.- I Downloaded bloocobalt’s hunter model
2.- i downloaded a player model . (for reference)
3.- I installed the human hunter model
4.-I saw the reference player model , and i saw there was a LUA File :

5.- i edited the LUA file to look like this:

6.-I made it an addon (like the reference playermodel)

That’s ALL the things i made.

Well, there’s your problem. The hunter model doesn’t have the player animations compiled in, and most likely isn’t even rigged to the Valve skeleton. All the Lua does is tell GMod to make this model an option for a player model - it doesn’t do anything to actually make it work.

So , how do i de-compile the model to compile it with the player animations?

You used my/Ryan’s bin Laden for reference? Funny.

You have to compile it. Contact me on Steam and I’ll do it for you.

jv_garrysmod is my account.


Did you reskin it or anything? Do you just want the original model into a player?