Player Model stuck in T pose

My player model is stuck in T pose on my server. It is not in T pose when i player single player. I made sure that the files are in the servers addon folder.
How can i fix this?

Extremely wrong section

I don’t see how this is in the wrong section. The problem has to with my server or files related to my server.

Also is there a way i can make it so only admins can use a specific player model?

This. I’m no modeler but it seems it lacks animations

The model has animations only when I’m NOT playing on my server. If you guys would take the time to read you would know that.

I’m guessing it’s due to how a server acts with models and Source, but it’ll probably work if you extract the source shared models.gcf file to your server’s garrysmod/models directory. It seems to work with Cakescript, so it’s the solution I’m suggesting.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

That did it. Thanks for the help.