Player Model T pose

As i,m trying to build up my darkrp server i was planing on useing a few models my favorite cw metro 2033 server use’s. but when i use them there stuck in a T pose :\

Did you add these models to your FastDL server and server directory? Also, were they used as player models on the other server or as just plain models?

There are playermodels used in [] Metro 2033 Roleplay

That usually means it is not actually a player model and more of a ragdoll. Not a FastDL issue or else it would have popped out with a big error model or pink texture.

Well is there anyway to make them work as playermodels?

Get a modeller.

You’ll have to rig it to make it work as a playermodel. You’ll have to know what you’re doing though

Ok ill find a program