Player Model Textures White

The textures on my player model are completely white, black, etc.

This happens for all the textures except for the hair. As you can see, that works correctly.
The textures are loading from the correct paths.

Here’s what the main clothing texture .vmt contains:

	"$basetexture" "models/11thDoctor/Doctor_Cloth"
	"$nocull" 1

The textures are pretty big dimension wise, so I don’t know if that would cause it or not.

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It seems the textures are only using the color from the top left corner of the image.

There’s a little more to it than just the material.

The SMD file contains the material names and what triangles these textures are drawn on. Doctor_cloth should be found in the SMD file and should be the texture assigned to the model for example. In your QC file, $cdmaterials points to where the materials can then be found (starts in materials folder) so it would for example say $cdmaterials “models/11thDoctor/.” The material then points to the texture(s) used. All three of those along with the texture files themselves much be synced properly.

I checked where it was looking for the textures/texture names and also rechecked paths such as in the .qc
Everything points to the right textures, but only the hair textures load correctly.

As I said, it is loading the textures but only using a color from the very top left corner.

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Figure it out. It was just a UV mapping issue with the model I imported.