Player Model Tutorial?

Hi guys

Is there a nice tutorial for creating Player Models in hammer? I have no clue where to start from. Also can Hammer not import any file formats other than the ones in the open menu? I have some nice models in Wings3D that I wanted to use…


This thread will get you going in the right direction.

No, that knowledge is carefully guarded by the Free Modelers.

Thank you, but is there a tutorial on rigging models for that purpose?

I’m making a sniper model in wings3d, and I’m going to export it to blender then follow that one tutorial to (maybe) get it into hammer and do rigging, however you do it.

Your avatar suits you.

Real helpful.

Hammer is for making maps.

If you get the model on the HL2 character rig, then you can make it into a playermodel.

Ugh, I don’t have HL2 =/
Any way to get some models of off Gmod?

You can always rig it to a CS:S skeleton :o I think.

I only got TF2 and Gmod

Then find some models from, theres alot of stuff with HL2 rigging there.

I’m trying to run mdldecompiler.exe

I moved it it …/sourcesdk/bin/ep1 and here is the error:
“The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the program.”

It does it twice. I have vstdlib.dll and tier0.dll

Use the fixed version. Find it here:

Or just use StudioCompiler, I stopped bothering with MDLDecompiler.

Put it in the SDK/Bin/ep1/Bin and it shoukd work fine, appart from the toolappsid 211 thing for which you must open you gameinfo.txt in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder and change the “211” to “-211” then save and that should fix it. Once you’ve done that it should work fine.

Also if your decompiling valve stuff (as in made by valve) always use StudioCompiler, if its not made by valve, use StudioCompiler but if you get an error try MDLDecompiler afterwards.

I got mdldecompiler working, and I installed Studiocompiler but I have no idea how to run it.

I’m going to wait until my teacher gives me the Autodesk student license and see if I can get 3ds Max for free. It’s not installing in sandboxie for some reason…