player models and weapons

Yeah, me and a buddy want to set up an rp server for something we came up with, but need player modles and weapons, though we are going to use stand in weapons until then. If you’ve seen the trenchcoat combine, not the trench CPs, we were leaning towards that with a more normal helmet and gasmask, akin to the HL1 marines or blitskrieg soldiers.

Weapon wise, all I could offer is some crude drawing i could email to giv an idea of what we’re after. we need an automatic rifle with iron sights, a semi-auto combat rifle, and a drum fed smg. for the smg, a more modern looking ppsh with a foregrip would do. the weapons I’d have to offer up thos drawings for an idea of what it should look like, but obviously made mostly of metal.

Anyway, I hope the way this was worded wasnt too confusing and if anyone can help us out it’d be appreciated.