Player Models are T-posing on Player Death

Title describes it all. I’m attempting to use these PMs and on player death they T-pose in single player, and disappear completely on server (doesn’t t-pose or do anything, the model instantly disappears).

Is there something wrong with the addon itself and can I fix it, or am I doing something wrong/have something conflicting?

There are no errors in server console when the player dies.

Bump because I can’t find a way to fix this anywhere

The model may not have a Physics model.

All of the models have dx80.vtx, dx90.vtx, mdl, phy, sw.vtx, vvd, and xbox.vtx files. Surely the .phy file would be the physics model?

hmm, well I’m not sure what to do from here without a .qc

Scratch all this. It was addon conflict. I disabled everything but the PMs and they ragdoll fine, so now I have to go through and figure out what caused it.