Player Models: Custom Voice/sound

Hey, I’m trying to make a player model but I want the model to have a unique “death cry” similar too the strange noise the combines makes when they die.

I’ve been looking for examples but I couldn’t find much. I’ve heard from a buddy it would require LUA work but i know little in that field

Yeah, this is something I want to do back and do for on a couple of models for a gamemode soon. Combine are handled based on NPC class through the game’s basic code and such. In other words, these types of things aren’t really built into the model. You’ll need lua to tell the game to make specific sounds when the player performs an event (in this case dying) using that model. Something like that. For anything more specific, you should consider trying the LUA forum.

aww ok Had a feeling it would be so. was hoping someone had done a unique npc could’ve reference with it.