player models don't have animations in custom gamemode

Hi all

Can someone tell me how I can fix this? I’m building a gamemode derived from base and players don’t seem to have animations. For a while there they suddenly started working again without me having changed anything (that I’m aware of) that would affect it, but now they aren’t again. What’s weird is that the head still follows the direction the camera is pointing (see screenshot) and landing after jumping still plays the correct animation

Do you have this under GM:PlayerSpawn(ply)? If not try add it
[lua]player_manager.RunClass( ply, “Spawn” )[/lua]
Had a few bugs and strange stuff happen, before I added that line to my gamemode.

nope, doesn’t fix it :frowning: thanks though. any more ideas? Could I be overwriting some required function somewhere perhaps?

You defined the player model by yourself? If yes check if you use the npc model instead of the player model

I thought that might have been the issue but figured as I can use this model in sandbox the issue was elsewhere. Where do the player versions of these models live?

In models/player/. Also, make sure you haven’t overridden the animation hooks. See base/gamemode/animations.lua


Finally had a chance to try it, yep, I was using the NPC model