Player models draw distance on lowest settings. Devs help needed here!

I have an old PC and performance in Rust is unsatisfactory, everybody knows it. I’ve found perfect settings for my setup for maximum FPS, but here comes the problem.
One command - “graphics.lodbias 0.25” - improves overall performance greatly but you become short-sighted. I don’t care that i don’t see beautiful building from far away, also i don’t care about animals and so.
The problem is that i can’t see players and it makes me much weaker and easy to kill to people with “beast” PCs and “graphics.lodbias 0.5-1”.
This is simply not fair and i hope that i will get developers attention so they may fix it and make player models draw distance same for everybody.
I’m sure that a lot of people will thank you for this.
Thank you!

Just tweaked this for you. They should be visible from a lot further now.

Thank you so much!:dance: