Player models for others error

Hey Facepunch! I have server where is custom player models from workshop.
My problem is that for me it is fine and for others it is error.

I have fastdl setted up on my website and resource.addfile has been setted to all files but players cant see me still?

that means you fucked up your fastDL set up.

Post your fastDL link and the model paths in question.
Also the resource.AddFile just in case.

Here’s how to set up FastDL with troubleshooting:

Here’s an alternative to setting up a resource file. This handles the resources automatically, including workshop files ( which you can comment out that line on the Lua file you download if you don’t want the clients to download all of them when they connect ) if you want, otherwise you can have it manage game-mode resources ( just drop them into gamemodes/gm_name/content/* for them to be added…