player models from other games

ok not sure if this should be in the models requests but anyway

a few splicers

some l4d common/uncommon infected

BOTH hunters and smokers, the rest of the si will probably be very difficult

all the fallout armour

ghouls (of fallout)

deadra (dreamora)

xilivali (weird spelling-those blue demons of oblivion)

some dudes of quake wars

and everything human sized thats bipedal from doom 3

(when avp3 comes out-the preds,marines AND the aliens)

(not sure if this is possible but some halo 3 marines elites and flood)

orcs/uruks (i dont know what game but there must be a decent lodr game out there

anyone want to try some of those/add to this list?

and make sure textures are good (i hate it when they are all shiney)