Player Models Hating Physguns....

Hello everyone! So lately I’ve started up a little server on my pc that I plan to host with ElpisHosting. So I was learning how to set up FastDL for my maps, huds, and stuff like that. So I downloaded a player model off of and set up fastDL. But when I got into the game to test it and make sure it’s not an error, I get this when I hold my physgun.

Little research and I heard the physgun is broken, and not only my models got this. I’m using the Halo 2 - Elite Playermodels.
Any help?

I’ve never seen this. Have you tried it with the default player models?

Default player models love life, but when I get an external player model it cries in agony.

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So I changed player models to Grim Reaper and it doesn’t do that anymore, it’s a shame some player models do that.

It probably has something to do with the number of bodygroups a playermodel has. Really no way to fix this.