Player models invisible since update 157

Has anybody else noticed that the player models are now invisible when driving a vehicle or 3rd person cam.

This is a problem on my TTTs as well, things seem to randomly turn invisible for all players.

hmm how to fix it?

Whatever it is, it starts to get really annoying… -.-

Same problem here, cant even see me with cameras.

I’m having this problem too, can’t see own playermodel, or the weapon I’m holding for that matter, although the particle thingy at the end of the physgun is still visible.
Tried deleting my garrysmod/garrysmod folder and re-installing, no effect.
Kind of annoying as I was going to be messing around with holdtypes, guess i’ll just have to wait.

garryyyyyy!!! shakes fist

yeah, getting this since yesterday :confused:

Just now receiving this problem to. Hate it because I was in the middle of playing around with player models then suddenly the invisible people came!!

When I play a game they are invisible but when the player model dies, the ragdoll form appears.

I left steam offline for a week, get tempted to play left 4 dead 2… GMOD updates


Hey, Garry… thanks for making the player invisible, which would have been useful as an option, but not as a glitch and thanks for bricking all the left 4 dead props :suicide:

On the plus side, at least the L4D survivors don’t crash GMOD every time I spawn them, because now they all spawn T shaped. So… that’s progress at least.



€dit: just found some info about the problem,