Player models need animation, will pay $$

So I’m looking for somebody to add some animations to what seems to be dead player models. I had a buddy of mine doing it for me but his pc ate shit. There are a few that need animating, if you are interested, then feel free to post, pm, or just add me on steam!!!

Here is a view of what these models are doing btw:

Not even in T-Pose. Holds items with crotch, oh and the model will only face one way in world view.


how much you paying ?

yeah throw a price on there then we shall see.

Depends on a few factors I suppose. I was told it would not take long to complete, but that also depends on the severity of the problem. It would also depend on the rates of the worker. I don’t plan on paying more than $40. Though as I said, there are different factors.

Are the models custom/original? or are they from a game, cause if they are from games people cant take payment to do anything with that.

Dark Messiah it seems.

I do believe he may be correct, though to be honest I haven’t the slightest clue. Found them in my library and decided to go with 'em. I don’t own any medieval or older games that refer to there origin, so its a mystery to me. Though, I suppose instead of payment, it could just be a donation. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

id do it for $30 but i have no clue what you need animated

He doesn’t need to be animated. Your buddy just didn’t rig it to the player animations.

Alright, somebody did an amazing job of rigging this model for me!!

But, is there a way somebody can show me how to do this? I have about 20 models to go, and I’m confident I can get it if somebody shows me. I’m not looking for a tutorial either, I’ve tried to follow them but they are outdated and they can’t answer any problems you may come into.

For the love of Zeus and his almightyness, I will pay somebody to teach me this.

So far, I’m able to decompile the model properly, and import it into 3dsmax. That’s as far as I can get.

Do the bones have the ValveBiped extension?

i suck

I believe so.

I just rigged one and it will now go into T-pose, but that’s all it does.

Add this line to your QC when you compile.
$includemodel “player\male_anims.mdl”

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or something to that effect

Tried that as well, didn’t work.

male NPC:
$includemodel “humans/male_shared.mdl”
$includemodel “humans/male_ss.mdl”
$includemodel “humans/male_gestures.mdl”
$includemodel “humans/male_postures.mdl”

male player:
$includemodel “m_anm.mdl”
$includemodel “m_gst.mdl”
$includemodel “m_pst.mdl”
$includemodel “m_shd.mdl”
$includemodel “m_ss.mdl”

female NPC:
$includemodel “humans/female_shared.mdl”
$includemodel “humans/female_ss.mdl”
$includemodel “humans/female_gestures.mdl”
$includemodel “humans/female_postures.mdl”

female player:
$includemodel “f_anm.mdl”
$includemodel “f_gst.mdl”
$includemodel “f_pst.mdl”
$includemodel “f_shd.mdl”
$includemodel “f_ss.mdl”

CS:S / Combine player
$includemodel “cs_fix.mdl”

use those. quoted from shotgunguy49

Put those in as well. Some I didn’t even have to include that though.

When I look at the models in sdk model viewer, they all seem to have animations now. They can walk, run, etc. Note, some animations differ from others, but I still can’t use them as player models.

When I use them as player model, it’s still acting like it has no animation features. Am I needing another file, autorun, something?

Or maybe I have the models in the wrong spot. On my server I added them to materials and models. Do they need to be added to addons? Maybe its an installation error.

Did you the lua files?


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Sorry for the double here. Going to show an example.

What if I took, say the qc file from a model that works, example Hl2 male citizen and copied it.

Then took my model, and deleted its qc and pasted the hl2 one. Ofc you changed the destination and model names so it works. But could you do that, so you don’t have to go into 3ds max and rig it? Or would you do it after you rig it?

Or could just copy pasting, save you from having to go into 3ds and mess with the bones?