Player Models Not Working

Before you start commenting be aware of that i have already looked on every other source and forum for a solution, I’ve not found a single one.

So, I’m having problems with my player models.

So i can see them all in my Pointshop2 menu and I’ve configured them and all.

But, for users all they see is errors in the pointshop and if I’m using a custom player models It’s an error for them.

I have added the models / materials to my fastdl.

I have added them to resources.lua in a



But still this error occurres.

I told my friend to subscribe to the addon in workshop and then it worked fine for him to see one of them. So this is a problem with downloading the model.

Thanks in advance.

FastDL setup instructions:

Ensure everything is correctly placed because FastDL can download things into an entirely incorrect directory. Ensure the files aren’t in an archive on your server if you use an archive on the FastDL ( bz2 ) as that’ll cause the downloaded files to be <filename>.bz2.bz2…

If you want something that will automatically and recursively handle your resource.AddSingleFile additions, and workshop additions ( engine.GetAddons( ) is broken on the server, so for now it isn’t in this version, future version will grab them from the addons folder and I’ll add it to my acecooldev_base and acecooldev_addon downloads ):

That resource system will automatically add content from: gamemodes/<gmname>/content/* – now, if the folder it is in is workshop/ then it’ll look for *.gma files where it’ll strip non-digits from the filename and add the digits to resource.AddWorkshop… This lets you extract data from addons if you wanted to delete say the Lua files to prevent them from running and still add them automatically.

Hopefully these tutorials and information helps. As always, to view the Lua from any of my tutorials to enable copy/pasting ( HTML doesn’t copy/paste well in terms of HTML / CSS Highlighted Lua ), remove .html from the url.

It’s resource.AddFile not resource.addfile
The capital letters make all the difference.
Also make sure that the model is on both the server and the fastDL

Sorry, typo, I used a resource generator so it’s all correct.