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Hey, i’m trying to create a modified DarkRP and hopefully change it bit by bit to change the game entirely with the same Roleplay Concept. My problem is simply this; some player models are glitched. Well, atleast the model im coding in is glitched. When i select the player model for my actual player, its fine, but when i go to the Q-Menu, and copy to clipboard to get the model, then code it in, Spawn as him, it doesnt work. Long story short, does anyone know how to properly get the player models?

At least yours is glitched. My skins wont buy

Head your server folder EX: C:\SRCDS\orangebox\garrysmod
Then go into the models folder. Explore around in there and find what you’re looking for EX: models\player\breen.mdl
Use a path like that ^

Would it show in singleplayer too? As in would it show in my singleplayer folders? If thats a yes, i couldn’t find it. i looked in players and everything. I’m soo lost in there.

Yes, just go to your steam folder and do that basically the same way.

Example job:

TEAM_DRUGDEALER = AddExtraTeam("Drug Dealer", Color(0, 255, 10, 255), "models/player/soldier_stripped.mdl" , [[Sell drugs for money.]], {"weapon_real_cs_knife"}, "drugdealer", 3, 35, 0, false, false)

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If you’re trying to make a modified DarkRP, why don’t you have a server?

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps<username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\models\player
Is the path for singleplayer.

i do have a server lol… When i’m editing weapons and classes, I do it in singleplayer because every change is reloaded on the spot. Then i test in Server

There is nothing in the folder, i’ve checked…


Alright for example. I’ll kinda describe my problem more. So in game i got to the Q-Menu, go to Half-life 2 Characters, then Right Click Kleiner, then copy to clipboard… I get this models/Kleiner.mdl … Thats not the Player model though. The Player Model is models/player/Kleiner.mdl

On that note, adding “player” before the model doesn’t always work with other models. When i go to look in that folder, no models are there. Its soo weird!