Player money?

Hello, I was wondering where is everyones in-game money is? Like where is it in the files?

It depends how it is coded… Some may use flat-file and store it in a txt file in data/, others may use SQLite and store it in sv.db, others may use MySQL, etc…

What gamemode are you using bud?

I’m using DarkRP :slight_smile:

Pretty sure it’s in the playerdata. Have fun trying to find it.

by default it’s in the sv.db of garrysmod folder. I’m not sure how to extrapolate data from that file though; someone will know but it’s not me. Sorry about that.

Okay, I’ll have a look. Thanks.

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Do you know the specific directory?

Root directory (garrysmod/garrysmod)

Root garrysmod directory on the server.

Here’s an example of how to grab data from player-data ( because of the way it is stored, lots of fun… ) and convert it into SQL statements for a database:

You could use SQLite Manager, a plugin for Firefox to browse the data.