Player must wait 20 seconds before respawning

I would like a script that makes it so the player can only spawn after waiting 20 seconds. During the first 15 seconds, the screen fades to black and white, and during the entire 20 seconds, it fades to black - so, simultaneously, the player’s view loses color and brightness.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and I couldn’t find anything, so I finally decided to up and ask for it here. Thank you in advance.

Do you have an original lua script? If so post it here with notepad and copy and paste. All you have to do is edit like 3 numbers. Change the 15 into a 20.

Well, stopping the player from spawning is easy, fading out from colourful to black is quite hard, I don’t even know any gamemode that does that.

Well you could fill the screen with a derma panel and change it’s colour in the paint function.

That’s an awful idea.
Use this: **[Gamemode.PlayerDeathThink](** with **[Gamemode.PlayerDeath](** and you’ll be sorted (for the spawning after 20 seconds).

You can use CurTime() along with drawing a box as big as the screen to create the desired ‘fade’ effect.

Well I was only commenting on the fade effect as the other problem had been solved by the above poster. Who said the same thing as you and then you said the same thing as I posted.

When you die in ‘Cider’ it blurs out and turns red. You could try looking at that.