Player Named SERVER CONSOLE Allowed on to server?

Saw something odd on my server last night. Someone changed their steam name to “SERVER CONSOLE” and then logged in and harassed the hell out of everyone. Garry - seems like someone found an easy “hack”, but I’d assume comes with an easy fix too :slight_smile:

Should the game be updated to disallow this name?

I think a lot of people quit the server because they thought it was a legit admin harassing and abusing people. The guy was a real a-hole from what I see in the logs.

I’ve of course banned them, but I would have thought the game with disallow people with the name “SERVER CONSOLE” since… well… SERVER CONSOLE is the server console name :wink:

Just so everyone else can ban this fool: you’ll see his played as names include SERVER CONSOLE
Those seem to be a few steam accounts that he has setup and rotates through.

That is absolutely not how VAC works and would be impossible unless garry bribed someone on the VAC team.

Why would they get a ban for that, it doesn’t break any rules

I guess not being VAC ban makes sense cause it’s not code manipulation, but none the less am I crazy for thinking that Rust should not allow people who change their name to “SERVER CONSOLE” if “SERVER CONSOLE” is the name that has been picked for messages from the console?

I’ll give it to the kid that it was a creative move!

VAC is for cheats, unfair advantage.

Not silly names.

Hence the name Valve Anti Cheat

Thank you for informing us about this. As I am admin on my server, this is valuable info, thanks. I will check this IDs on my server, and will perform some admining. Action such this should be not tolerated.

Play Nice! Play Fair!
RustThem Admin

PS. For the rest. If you find a bug in game, it’s doesn’t mean that you need to use it.

Updated to remove VAC comment - Agreed that’s not relevant and it’s not the point i want to make here.

@lolo “SERVER CONSOLE” isn’t a “silly” name it’s an inaccurate representation of a server admin which isn’t “funny”/“silly”.

It’s up to server admins to enforce this if they don’t want it in their server. Nothing more will be done about this I’m pretty sure.

So if my name is Oxide you would want me banned damn man thats low

haha that guy came onto our server and talked about “there will be a wipe in 30 min”. Everyone was freaking out. Then he got banned by the real Server Console.

I believe for this no need to BAN, nothing really harmful, if player only changed the name, and didn’t do bad stuff. But i will definitely contact this person and ask him to change name.

Well if he is harassing people ban him regardless of his name (This is your right as an admin). If someone is using a name you don’t like ban him, its your server…

If someone changed their name to Oxide just to be funny and to confuse people every once in a while thats okay by me, but once they start to harass my players, they are gone.

It sounds like some people might get a laugh out of what actually went down when this happened. I’m less irked abou this now than I was earlier so I’ve included the chat log below. As one of our other admins said “I’d pimp slap him if I met him IRL for being a douche but I’d definitely shake his hand after because convo was hilarious”

Think I edited all the necessary content out. Sorry if I missed something. Hope people get a laugh.

User Connected: SERVER CONSOLE (76561198107776270)
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“The map will be wiped tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST.”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“There will be no arguing.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“wtf”
[CHAT] “DarknessDecends”:"??"
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“u mean everything?”
[CHAT] “DarknessDecends”:“wtf wehy”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Yes, and guns, bows, explosives, and c4 will all be banned.”
[CHAT] “Crob”:“lol”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“wtf”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“why”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Because, I am the admin, and you are the players.”
[CHAT] “DarknessDecends”:"…"
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“dude im not playing on this server”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“We want to attract friendly players and people who just want to build.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“if ur taking 50$”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“Becuase you guys don’t shutup”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“50%”
[CHAT] “Rocket Lawnchair”:“thats what you get for complaining about kos”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“of content”
[CHAT] “Crob”:“you dont want pvp that is the only way”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“no its not”
[CHAT] “Liter-a-Cola”:“fake”
User Connected: rock (76561198028930677)
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“wow”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“epe”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“xDDDDDDD”
[CHAT] “Rocket Lawnchair”:“I LOVE THIS GUY XD”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“oim recording this”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“How was I? Believeble? MUAHAHAHA”
[CHAT] “GUMIRO”:“kkk so funny”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“had me”
[CHAT] “GUMIRO”:“best adm kkk”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“lmao”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“Trolley”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:"“Oh pweese pwetty pweese dont weset da sewver”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“lol =P well now i cant even show this joke since the N word”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“will get bad poblicity if i post this dam u…u had me going and it was nice vid lol”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:"“This is what you get for complaining about KoS” omfg"
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“HAHAHAHAA”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“GamezGlitchZ keep this up and you’re banned.”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“I am being dead serious.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“banned for what”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“The map will be wiped.”
[CHAT] “DarknessDecends”:"?"
[CHAT] “Rocket Lawnchair”:“yeah gamer what he sai”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“why”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“why are u wiping the map”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Please disregard everything up to this point.”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“There is a fake console.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“ohh?”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“ohh someone named them selves SERVER”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“console”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“ohhhh”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“good”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“The fake one has been banned.”
[CHAT] “Rocket Lawnchair”:“crack is bad kids hug a tree”
User Connected: Razig (76561198093657096)
User Disconnected: Razig
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Now the server will be reset, but there will be inventory carry-overs.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“btw the server is laggy”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“And you keep the blueprints.”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“We are wiping map due to the amount of structures built by players.”
[CHAT] “Rocket Lawnchair”:“im so confused”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“They get on, build, and leave.”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“You can thank the kids that get on and get off, never returning.”
[CHAT] “rock”:“when??”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Tonight, in about 2 hours.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“wait whats going on”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“It will be 12:00 AM my time.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“ur real server?”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“so ur wiping the server?”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Yes, fake one has been banned.”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Yes, I am afraid so.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:"…including characters and patterns"
Saving to ‘save/myserverdata/rust_island_2013.sav’
Saved 8812 Object(s). Took 0.309459799998876 seconds.
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“will there be C4 still?”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“so the gun thing is bs”
User Connected: maatthew24 (76561198111661941)
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“hmmm fake console?”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“I can’t rn”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:"…"
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“A bunch of dipshits on here omfg”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“hmmmm well thank god i was recording everything”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Who is the owner anyways?”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“nice to know whos server were playing on”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“I am the real console.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“ohh wait nm ur a prick fake console”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“doubt that”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“User.connectBanned(10124202123)”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Good luck playing again.”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:"?"
[CHAT] “rock”:"(:"
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“who did u ban”
[CHAT] “Foolish”:“wait”
k you kid"
[CHAT] “Foolish”:“who got banned”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:"?"
[CHAT] “Liter-a-Cola”:“was that supposed to be an ip address?”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Haha the owner didnt even ban me”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“He banned the wrong kid”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:"…"
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“There’s only 1 console lol”
User Disconnected: Rocket Lawnchair
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Wow and again you all fell into my trap”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“Ya’ll are dumb”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“I am a normal player and you are all dipshits who fall for everything”
User Connected: streaml1ne (76561197964896429)
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Go troll on servers with this its fun”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“Recent players”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“ye and ur a virgin who is fat and got no life”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Well, post your video and send me a steam message with the video link lol”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“i mean seriously people who get laid dont do this sht”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“My real name is SlammedCameron”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“lack of pussy man”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Dude 12 year old dickless pussies record Rust”
streaml1ne has suicided
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“riighhttt”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“thx for stating ur name”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“nice video for the real console”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“well the owner is a vegetative state retard”
[CHAT] “SERVER CONSOLE”:“Oh no i wanted to play on this server”
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:"…sure"
User Connected: El Mendez (76561198051082715)
[CHAT] “GamezGlitchZ”:“w/e u say”
*king 5 people xD”
[CHAT] “Disingaged”:“lol”
User Disconnected: SERVER CONSOLE

Why not just change the font color of the true Server Console. Easy fix.

Damn kids.

I have to admit that’s pretty funny

but then he’s just an immature idiot and ruins it

I don’t see the big deal. Wanting them to be banned across all servers on a game they paid $20 for just because of a silly joke is dumb. Ban them from your server and move on if you don’t like it.

Lol, you should encourage this behaviour, obviously nothing harmful was said. Obviously.

If this happened in my server I would give that player a first and final warning, second instance I would ban. I often admin from work via Rusty so players are used to seeing SERVER CONSOLE and know whether I am admining remote or playing the game. If some idiot impersonated the console and announced wipes and shit, I don’t think that’s acceptable. There are plenty of other ways to be a funny idiot in rust. This isn’t one of them.

would like to point out if the name is SERVER CONSOLE this is an oxide program called rusty command, which is a panel outside of the game that admins use to beable to watch there servers without being logged in as a player. I know this why becuase i have it. this is no hack or cheat, it is simply a program that anyone can use.