Player:Nick() returning two different strings?


In my code, I have the PlayerSay hook, and the PlayerInitialSpawn hook. When I use player:Nick() on PlayerSay, I get a different string then using player:Nick() on PlayerInitialSpawn. It seems that PIS is returning the DarkRP nickname, and PlayerSay is just returning a steam name (It’s returning my old steam name). Help?

It’s a DarkRP thing.

Is there a way to fix this?


EDIT: Reason I ask, is my whole code is based around a player’s nick. I’m updating the code to actually be based around the player element, and not his/hers string name.

DarkRP overwrites the playersay hook.
You could try saving their name in a variable upon playerinitialspawn and then simply refference that variable for whaterver you are trying to do with playersay.

EDIT: Or the other way arround. I think I misread the one that was the problem there. Lol.

It’s odd it reverts back to Sandbox behaviour in the PlayerSay hook.

Does both ply:Name() and ply:GetName() behave in the same way?

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Changing RP names will be a problem if you save the first name.

Well ply:Name() and ply:GetName() are the exact same thing as ply:Nick() according to the wiki.

Yeah, perhaps an addon is overriding ply:Nick but not the others or something. They all really shouldn’t be reverting to ply:SteamName behaviour.

You could check and see what ply:getDarkRPVar(“rpname”) is set to as well.

KFC Chicken did you use GM:PlayerSay or PlayerSay?
Because if you used GM:PlayerSay it would have overwritten all other PlayerSay and just used yours.

Hooks are ran before the GM:Whatever. I doubt overriding GM:PlayerSay will break Player:Nick anyway.

Thanks for all the great replies guys,

I am simply using

hook.Add("PlayerSay", "Player Chat Command", function() --stuff end)


hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "Player Spawn", function() --stuff end)

Are there any good ways of going about on this? I mean, I guess I could use their SteamID’s, and then just simply “cover” the SteamID up with their nickname?

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ply:Nick(), ply:Name() and ply:GetName() are all overidden with darkrps horrendous garbage.

ply:SteamName() will return the player’s actual steam name and i believe it is shared.