player not downloading lua files even though i used AddCSLuaFile on it

well, i am making a gamemode and i need the client to download cl_init.lua but its not and thats a realy problem for me, can anyone help? My other players are complaining its saying couldnt fine cl_init.lua


or something like that

can someone help?

helo ningalio
it is best to use a share.lua that gets downloaded to both ppl insted of a cl_init !! hope this helped jess

i dont get what you mean? i only put cl_init as an example but in fact NONE of the files get download so i dont know why i should mix 2 files if thats not gonna help :frowning:

any ideas?


i pciked to use an svn so people can download them outside the game, how can i advertise the svn link?

Ignore Jess, it’s a troll.

Generally, if you want the client to receive a Lua file you use **[AddCSLuaFile](**. This would go in your init.lua:

AddCSLuaFile( "cl_init.lua" )

However, if you still get GAMEMODE CANNOT LOAD or something, that’s probably because there’s an error in your init/cl_init/other files. Check your console and it will tell you what the error is and where.