Player number droped significantly on official servers because there was no wipe

There is like 20 players on Amsterdam atm. Nobody is playing because servers is in shits due to aproximatly 7 trilion of structures. I like the less frequent wipe thing but there is a limit. I talked to a lot of players and wast majority of them would prefer a wipe over this. Any chance we will see it before next weak?

I totally agree. There should be a wipe. On almost all official servers there are like less than 30 people online.

agreed i mean i jumped over to the insanity that is the rustafied server for just a fresh start.<killed 30 times so far lol>

I somehow doubt it has anything to do with the wipe and more to do with the FPS drop of this update

i think decay being implemented would be better than keeping up with these manual wipes. that way we can figure out the balance for how quickly panels should decay between abandoned and occupied buildings.

I personally haven’t played on the official servers because I can never find enough stone to make a hatchet or 2 which makes getting wood a chore.

senseless updates plus no wipes and every1 gets pissed off