Player position/vector problems

So basically I’m trying to do a Vector:WithinAABox kind of thing, where if the player’s position is within these vectors, and the player press +use, he will be teleported somewhere, but the WithinAABox doesn’t seem to work, but I’m just not using it right. Here’s my whole code, the vector withinaabox code starts at line 110.

PS: Please don’t hate for the NWInt stuff. I plan on changing that eventually

Have you tried to print the player position and manually checking if it is in the box?

Relatively off-topic and on-topic, but I would if I wasn’t administrating 46x 12 years old -_-

I don’t need your excuses, if you didn’t, do.

Just did, returns false.

You mean like this?

			if Vector(-1870.657471,-392.884827,-4863.968750):WithinAABox(Vector(-1903.97,-384.00,-4799.97),Vector(-1849.11,-386.03,-4799.97))
		then	ply:SetPos(Vector(-2028.63,-476.51,-4774.08))	

local vCenter = Vector(825.862244, -121.231918, -143.968750) //center of the box
local boxSize = Vector(50,50,90)
local corner1 = vCenter-Vector(boxSize.x,boxSize.y, 0)
local corner2 = vCenter+boxSize
local telePos = Vector()

if SERVER then
hook.Add(“KeyPress”, “KeyPress.TeleportBox”, function(ply, key)
if (key == IN_USE) and ply:GetPos():WithinAABox(corner1, corner2) then
hook.Add(“PostDrawOpaqueRenderables”, “PDOR.TeleBoxDebug”, function()
render.DrawWireframeBox(vCenter, Angle(), -Vector(boxSize.x,boxSize.y, 0), boxSize, Color(0,0,255), true)

thanks alot, for like the 10th time