I like what you have done with the rocks they do look cool but this is an mmo minor details should never be in a mmo stuff to make other things look real. MMOs should be basic most MMOs that made it out there in the world had basic graphic settings. Example; Take a look at world of Warcraft(this is not a comparison) WoWs graphics were basic but useful WoW was the number one MMO for the longest time it had many faults but game-play and graphics were basic which allowed for better performance and play-style i love the idea for rust im having and amazing time playing it. it has so much potential i wanna be playing it through release and after im honestly hooked on it but the more detailed things get the more quality of a game you lose and the rocks and cliffs look randomly place they look good as models but they don’t look as a mountainous scenario or desert like terrain if that’s what you are trying to achieve. the alpha in my honest opinion is going great very successful IMO and also in my honest opinion i was quite happy with the way the map was before granted that it could have used some changes like maybe the mountains scene a little more rough to make it seem like a mountain not just a mound or hill that you can easily trek through but then again this isn’t my game i don’t know all of your ideas what your image of a game you want i understand its your game and i like that you wanna make it the way you want to and i like it keep it that way stay determined you’ll keep your true fans like me staying and playing. i love your sleeper idea but i wanted to add that as well, it seems like if you keep the way it is how is going to effect the people who have jobs or schooling and cant stay on the defend their stuff or people who cant play frequently i was thinking of the idea of when people loot the other players box like steals their stuff so to speak why not them take a randomly generate portion like 4 out of the 20 spaces in the container or more than that if you so choose and and only a limited to certain amount every so many hours or something so that the people with a life can actually come back and not totally screwed because they couldn’t play but im thinking of all the people that have to work and such its just an idea and.

-From your one and only friendly Raptor :slight_smile:

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