Player-Prop Bond tool.

Would it be possible to make a tool that players could walk on while moving, like the rail car in HL: Source.
It would be usefull for trains, elevators, and other vehicles :smiley:

EDIT: Not playerweld. somethingmore like Player advance ballpoint, where playes could move on the XY of a prop. Sorta


Im not really sure what you mean. do you mean like, it’s a vehicles, exept you can move around on the inside/surface? that might be possible with some lua coding, but Im not sure, as Im not a coder.

Yes, exactly.
Like the train at the beginning of half life 1, and the entire “On a rail” level.
Both of these have been recreated on source.

It does work, it’s just in multiplayer the client-server connection isn’t good enough to project it near what it’s supposed to be. Although it tries and gives that ‘jittering’ effect in doing so. I think it is possible to do if the moving objects are part of the BSP.

Really? It worked fine when i played a level on OC with a similar effect :P.

Not sure, but I think as long as the moving object is an actual part of the BSP clients and server are sync’d perfectly. Haven’t tested or tried it though I’m fairly sure.

bah, there goes my hopes and dreams of a gaint fort with a non-sitting rail system.

EDIT: Unless it goes EXTREMELY slowly, or I make the fort move around the railcar. :smiley: