Player Punishment.

Hello. I have made a server to punish bad players for you.

Create a lua file in lua/autorun/server/

name it anything.

Put this in it:
function _R.Player:Kick()
timer.Simple(5, function(ply)
if ValidEntity(ply) then
end, self)

Save it.

When you kick a player, they will be redirected to my punishment server.

They will be unable to leave, and will be killed over and over.

They will not come back to your server.

Wizard of Ass

Server and server code:

This thread:



poor blokes who go there without getting kicked

I made it so they can’t anymore.


It will show up as full all the time, even if there is no one in it, they can’t connect through server browser, they have to connect with the “connect” command.

And what awesome exploit did you put on your server?

They just can’t leave.

You did not add any credit for the code…

Also you realise that player can’t join your server when it haz 129/128 players?

There you go.

And yes, they can, with “connect”

I thought the connect command was blocked.

I am afraid to be kicked out of a server now, cus last time i was in your server cus of one of my friends, i got a lld.dll.lld file in my garrysmod\garrysmod and it changed my name and sent the ip to all my friends.


It’s not whitelisted, but that doesn’t matter because it’s being run from the client.

Its only blocked when using RunConsoleCommand()

Heh, I’ve already been to server like that few months ago. I’ve just crashed it. :owned:
By the way: How many commands have you blocked for players? Don’t list them, I need exact number.

Too bad.
I had private server for my clan in synergy, and I made plugin that doesn’t allow non-whitelisted players to leave/close game. I warned them though.([KEEP OUT!] in the hostname, and you have like 10 seconds to disconnect after spawning, while getting warning messages, countdown and stuff). It has like 35 commands blocked, and 21 of them works in gmod. Means, people can still escape. But I guess 10 is pretty enough for most of minges.
P.S. There were loads of people that ENJOYED playing on my server, and no matter no-leave stuff! I was all like ‘wtf’ when one guy kept rejoining after killing game process. He told me he liked server. Reverse psychology, eh?

Thanks for changing it so only kicked people can join :3:

You’re welcome. Feel free to use this, it’s better than them being kicked.

what exactly happens to players when they go to the server?
A prison environment with civil protection constantly harassing and beating the players, releasing swarms of fast zombies if they disobey even slightly would be better than instant death.
Maybe even a volunteer program where players can join, then enter a secret concommand and password to become wardens.

I redirected about 10 players until now.

This server is now usefull!

:v: he was there for at least 10 minutes before he left.