Player Pursued by the Minges.

A piece by William-Adolphe Bouguereau I decided to remake in Gmod.

quite good, and does look like the original

I see that the minges are using noclip due to the fact that they’re slighty floating off the ground

Haha, nice. I like it!


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Reminds me of a pose I did on a server once

Hah! That’s awesome!

Now if only we had a way to illustrate a high, squeaky voice.

Yes, that makes it so the player can’t escape them.

I remember seeing the original painting in a museum I must say nice recreation

Having them floating around like they had NO CLIP was an awesome detail. Nice one.

Yeah, it’s a great detail!


Poor Orestes. Can’t even get on GMod without being swarmed by minges.

I like this. It’s always pretty awesome when people recreate works of art in GMod.