Player Resize Tool

A simple STool I whipped up for Arkantos after seeing the update rolled to the public, it allows you to modify your hull and other player’s hull.

Primary will alter the player you are aiming at
Secondary will alter yourself
Reload, if looking at a player, will reset them, else will reset you.

Changing your size also affects:

Jump power
Run/Walk Speed
Step size ( how high of a surface you can walk up to without jumping )
View offsets

Currently only tied to height, though.


I cannot change hitboxes - so you can still get shot where the model says your head is, even if your hull is different. All this does is change what you collide with - you could change your size to fit in smaller spaces, for instance, but not to avoid bullets. This needs custom models to fix the problem currently, and, as such, is out of control.

Physics are kinda glitchy when trying to walk between objects.

Complaining about the limitations without offering a valid, feasible, reasonable solution will be ignored.

Currently, the hull interacting with physics props is really strange ( bouncy is the word I would describe it with ), especially noticeable with non-square physics, like the bathtub, egg crates, some couches / chairs, those wooden cart things, and so on. However, this only occurs with very small hulls ( less than .4 to .5 ) from some testing.


I’ve wanted this for a long time, so njoi!

Lol, nice… waiting for video to work :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty awesome, gonna try it.

Soo, good! Wanna try this now!

I wanted to make some resize thing but I knew someone would beat me to it! Good job anyways looks cool.

This is what we were waiting for after Fretta :smiley:

This is really awesome! Just put this on a server and about 4 of us made us really tiny and built a really tiny fort, then a normal sized player goes by and says “what the hell!”. It was hilarious. I didn’t find it to be bugged walking on props or walking up to them. It wasn’t ‘bouncy’.

The only thing I found annoying was going extremely fast if you make yourself larger, at 16x size you should only go 3 times faster than normal instead of currently, and if you are really tiny you walk too slow. Can you make it so at smallest size, you walk 3 times faster than currently, and at biggest, walk 3 times faster than normally. Oh and if you are really tiny you can’t jump at all.

One bug I found was that if you die being really huge, then respawn and change your size to tiny, your collision box is still big. It sometimes fixes itself.

Thanks a lot for this tool, it’s really fun.

Both of your annoyances are because of the scaling to height.

I’ll probably add some more stuff tonight ( make the rest of the variables follow the player’s size change, mainly ), and can add a checkbox or something that you can use to disable variables scaling to height.

Rats maps are now useless.

haha i cant wait to build with this

tiny forts here i come
or david vs goliath battles omg

Haha, this is amazing man, nice job.

Fun as heck.

Do i replace the lua folder or put it in addons. looks really kool two thumbs up

Awesome work Kogitsune.

Goes in addons.

Thanks for all the comments guys :).

Great, can’t wait for update 62 for test it

It’s already in the public version, so what do you mean?

I mean i can’t install it on my server, because gmod don’t send clientside lua files in update 61.
And i forgot about singleplayer :smiley:

It’s really easy to set the jump distance you lazy bastard.

Really cool!

You talkin’ to me? :clint: