Player Review

What is this?
This is a system that will let players do ! or / reviewme (/reviewme or !reviewme) to let players review then great for before staff promotions!

Current Features:
You decide the question with multiple choice or text entry!
Easy to understand config!
DarkRP like vote system to ask players if they want to review the other player!
Multi gamemode support (i think? Let me know!)
Easy to use admin interface (very simple right now)
Nice GUI

Change log:

 + Release

Youtube Video


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NOTE: Don’t complain that this is not useful to you… as it is to others! Hey! Its free why dont you leave a nice comment for once or maybe some tips on the code? Thanks

So it’s like the old rating system but more complex?

Not sure what the old one is

I assume he is talking about the old Sandbox scoreboard, you could rate players by clicking on the icons

Oh well somewhat but not really

repurposing this as a voteban system instead.

Not sure what you mean…

actually looks like one of the better releases.
I like it.

Nice job.

Thank you very much! Many more this is just the first :slight_smile:

Seems useful for those simple gamemode servers!

Exactly! It’s a nice simple report system that’s easy to use and easy to read!

Except if someone somehow finds a way to abuse it and like, give someone 100+ negative reps through lua.

Nope no exploits in here