Player-Selected Loadouts

How would one go about trying to allow players to select their own weapons and classes and whatnot in a gamemode?

Would I have to use the net library to send the weapon the player wants to the server which would equip them with it or what?

Is there an easier/safer way?

On what gamemode?

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You don’t need Net functions.

One way I thought of is to make a derma weapon panel. You can make a hook and timer on the serverside to check if player has spawned in the last 30 seconds then allow the server to give the weapons to that player until time limit is reached.

Although, I’m not sure how you want to go about this.

On any gamemode.

And how exactly would I do it with Derma? Won’t it still have to network stuff from the client to the server?

You should do it in the way you described in the OP, it should be perfectly safe as long as you have serverside checks when receiving information back from the client for giving the selected guns. Derma would be your best bet if you want to make something nice looking for the weapon selection.

Oh, thanks.

Is using net stuff how most people do it anyways?

that’s how people SHOULD do it. you can always make concommands or convars though.