How do i use the player.setpdata so it saves all the server player information and stuff to a file, instead of an SQL database?

if isDedicatedServer() then
tmysql.initialize("...**", “game_server”, “server”, “game_server”, 3306, 2, 2)
tmysql.initialize(“”, “game”, “game”, “pd”, 3306, 2, 2)

that’s what i have, what should i change or add or whatever so i can have everything save to a file, that’d be much easier for me than dealing with an sql base, thanks

edit: i want to save all player data, like inventory / name / money etc.

If you make it all handled by files it’ll be a huge mess, It wouldnt be too smart to convert something from SQL to data text files, But whatever.

What gamemode do you have right now?

Let me guess, Your using perp and you dont quite know why its not retreeving player data from the Mysql server?

Player.SetPData dosen’t save to a text file, it saves to a local SQLite database.

He never said SetPData saved to a text file, He said

But you really should just stick with SQL, Else you’ll have a huge mess of text files.

Ok, in that case you have to overwrite the metatable functions for Player.SetPData and Player.GetPData and just make them read from a text file.