PLAYER:SetupDataTables() Not Called on Client

Haven’t really used DataTables before but they perfectly fit what I need right here. I’m storing these on every player using a Player Class, but the problem is that PLAYER:SetupDataTables is only called on the server except when it’s myself who gets set as the class. The class is set in GM:PlayerInitialSpawn().

DEFINE_BASECLASS( "player_default" )

local PLAYER = {}

function PLAYER:SetupDataTables()

	print("Setting up datatables for "..self.Player:Nick())

	self.Player:NetworkVar( "Bool", 0, "HasBall" )
	self.Player:NetworkVar( "Int", 0, "BallID" )
	self.Player:NetworkVar( "Vector", 0, "YTLColor" )
	-- Setting starting variables here as these NetworkVars aren't created when the player is initially spawning
	if self.Player:Team() == 2 then
	self.Player:SetYTLColor( self.Player:GetPlayerColor() )
	self.Player.datatablesup = true


player_manager.RegisterClass( "ytl_playerclass", PLAYER, "player_default" )

Whenever I spawn, I see both the client and the server printing “Setting up data tables …”, but whenever I spawn a bot, only the server prints it. And whenever I try to access GetHasBall() on any of the bots, it is a nil method. It could be a simple thing, but what am I doing wrong here? I just need these datatables to be accessible on every player from every client.


So it just doesn’t work huh. Know another way of doing it? I stored it in the weapon before, but the data would obviously be reset whenever a player died and was regiven the weapon.

EDIT: Reading your comment on that GitHub issue, is it possible to do a network message to every other player when anyone joins and have them react with a player_manager.RunClass()?