Player SNPC. Is it possible?

Thank you for reading this request thread, and if you fufill it then many more thanks XD.
What I am looking for is an snpc that will act like a regular G-mod player. And perhaps there could be other variations like Role players and deathrunners etc. etc, but for now let’s focus on the regular sandbox players.
The regular player SNPC should posses the ability to;

Press most of the buttons it passes.

Attempt to jump gaps should it need to.

Sit in seats. If the seat is still for too long or doesn’t move very fast, they should get out again and say something like “Boring…”. If the seat goes over a certain speed however, they should stay in the seat until it slows down, and say things like “Wheeee” every so often.

Carry a toolgun and use it to help with builds. (Perhaps you can tell it how to help you by typing in chat. e.g SNPCNAME, place a thruster where i’m looking at. This would be useful if you are in a hurry.)

Should follow the spawner in a random pattern to make it look as if it has free will.

And maybe it could get out a physgun if it needs to move an object that is on top of you or is putting you in danger.

Well there is my idea. I hope you have fun trying to attempt it and many thanks if you do.
This snpc would obviously need a noded map to work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but that sounds completely impossible, and if it was possible it would be very tedious to make. The telling it to do things sounds possible but very hard. Good idea though.

So,basically,you want a bot?I think one is being made,its called shitbot.(Not sarcastic,its actually called that)

Hes not asking for a chat bot…

Hes asking for an snpc…