Player Specialiastions

so i was talking to a friend about the robots in rust, and how facepunch are trying new ways to get people to work together, and curb a bit of the KoS that happens, when he gave a really good idea;

Some Players have Skills.

No i’m not talking about “levelup put 20 points into small guns” i mean things such as, you find a wrecked vehicle (Hypothecitally of course) but you don’t know anything about motors, so you walk back to your base, and on the way you meet a naked, and he tells you that a Mechanic lives nearby (if you havn’t Piped him from existance by now, and i wouldn’t blame you, Damn Nekids).

so you go up to the Mechanics house, after a tense greeting of “WHO DA F*CK R U” you ask him for his services, in exchange for, say, 500 Met Frags.

Another scernaio is say you get shot in the leg with a meduim-caliber weapon, your running slows to a hobble, you have bandaged the wound, but the Round is still in there, Solution, you go to Crazy Joes 24/7 Clinic

The only problem with this idea, is how the players get skills in the first place, it wouldn’t make much sense for a new spawn, to have intricate medical knowlage, so perhaps you must be alive for a certain time or find a book a la Fallout.

Let me know what you think.

maybe super rare blue prints should drop to teach you how to do certain things.

To go along with Elders thought I have to ideas.

  1. what if the blueprints also had somewhat of a quest mechanic behind them to add more of a PvE touch.
  2. What if you could only learn 1-2 of these skills so groups would be required to master the skills, or at least some cooperation.

one idea my friend had, is that before you spawned, you get a random selection of specilations (Doctor, engineer, McDonalds Employee) and each one had differnt amounts of chance, so to speak, and when you spawn you get one, but gain more expericance over time, E.g, a newspawn Mechanic wouldbe able to maybe rig up a generator, wheras, an engineer living for 2 IRL days, could build a quadrotor UAV if he felt like it (thats just an example)

The only problem with this is that it would result in a completely group dominated game. Any solo players looking to have a good time would not stand a chance. It is a great idea, however, it would not be realistic.

I have to say i don’t agree with you there, it would help curb just KoSing people, and you could still solo, it just means you might have to talk to a person once in a while (Perish the Thought)

not sure i agree it would reduce KOS. i think the likely outcome would just be larger real life groups playing on the one server so they can cover the needs otherwise attributed to other players. so if you need a medic, just get your brother to play on the server, and kill everyone else as you feel like.

i kind of think the OP’s topic may be what happens if blueprints/loot drops are minimal. if there is only a few people on the map who know how to make a medkit, and they make a specialised house to sell said medkits…but really this kind of thing all comes down to server population and customs. some servers it is expected that you kill anyone you see. some servers you will be murdered until you rage quit if you kill a newspawn. some servers will ban you if you kill anyone.

it’l be interesting to see how experimental moves forward. i think now that building is almost complete, a lot of people will start playing it more consistently. next is reinserting the sleeping bags so i spawn back at my stairway to the stars!

I think skyrims leveling worked good.

I mean if I build generators all the time I’m not gonna learn how to make UAV computer racecars so blueprints would be needed but somehow having skyrim based leveling would be nice.

You keep a “fresh spawn buff” that changes every time you die, and you loose your levels (not blueprints; your level determines how well you learn stuff and how well you build it. Compare a duct taped axe to a welded Axe) as to keep people from YOLOing when spawning and YOLOing when their gear is nearby.

Maybe some way of learning skills, spending an amount of time on one subject. I.e you find a car and push it back to your base, and you tinker with it for a while and learn 5% of mechanic skill. This could be extended if you are watching a mechanic working you gain skill.

Having these skill handed out to player when they first spawn as a Newman, would not work single players would have a distinct disadvantage, and groups would have a major advantage,

But this sound more like an RPG to me, been thinking about this a lot. we gain skills via blueprints, why not have some skill tree.

I am not sure I see both good and bad in this idea.

I would think rare blueprint drops to gain the knowledge, and for complex stuff (mechanics,advance medical, farming, building stuff etc, hey even military grade stuff) is a great way to go, and perhaps even give it 3 levels of competence.

Limit each player to only be able to have 1 specialist skill, forcing team play, or trading into the game if people want to take advantage of those skills.

But it must not be to complex, theres a hell of a lot of great stuff about old rust that is just great to play.

I’m just not sure how to do this without it being very RPG. I do tend to agree with the idea that crafting knowledge should have sorts of basic/advanced/expert tiers and that the latter should be very rare. Not based on any abstract experience system but just based on what is acquired in game. I can see for example a small percentage when building something to “figure out” a higher form or perhaps disassembling something (destroying it) can give you some small “progress” to learning how to make one.

No Offence but teamwork like that is so super rare in rust
it might be never happen

I think there might be potential in op’s suggestion, think about it this way. You start with 10~ (non combat) skills such as medical, tracking, reading, engineering, etc, and as you use said skills you gain experience (levels or just a bar from 0-100%, doesn’t matter much). Gaining experience (or levels) makes you faster, or use less resources, or makes it easier to see tracks, or find blueprints for your skill, or some other bonus. The catch would be you would only be able to specialize (max?) 2-3 skills, and dying would reset all your exp gain, or penalize it at the very least (lose 50%, skills raise 75% slower for 2 hours, etc.) We could also have rare blueprints that only have a chance to drop at a certain skill level.

1.Players are more likely to interact with each other in a friendly manner because some people will be able to do things that others can’t. For example, if I have spent time speccing into engineering, tracking and reading and I need high end medical kits, I can find someone who has specced into medical and put an order in.

2.It creates a much needed negative when dealing with death. Players who have put time into getting these skills up are going to be much more wary about dying than if it’s just gear at stake. This may have a slight effect on the “kos problem”, but more importantly it forces players to consider their actions because they have something to lose that they can not just farm from an npc or take from someone else, you have to actually put the time in to earn it.

That’s as much a product of poor incentives as anything. In legacy there was rarely a need to cooperate with people when simply killing them was safer, everybody was essentially self-sufficient anyway. Not killing people had no incentive and was merely a sign of good manners and being secure enough in having enough or nothing so that you could take the risk they would shoot first. If players are less self-sufficient then by necessity they’ll have to cooperate or always be bottom-feeders/raiders (same thing). People respond to incentives.

I agree that the idea of “skills” has merit, but if it diminishes the ability to solo in the game, then it would make playing the game miserable to many people (including me).
My two cents on the idea is this:
Just like legacy had categories for items in the crafting menu (e.g. medical, ammo, building, et cetera), there would be categories for crafting items. If I found a blueprint for making a Large Medpack it would have a, “Medical Skill” Requirement. In order to learn the “Medical Skill” you would have to complete some “miniquests” that would automatically trigger when a certain action is performed. For instance, while harvesting a animal carcass you obtain “blood” and recieve a notification that says, “Maybe if you find a medical book, you can find a use for this ‘blood’.”
Then when you find a Medical Book, and read it you unlock the “Medical Skill” and perhaps the basic ability to make a “blood pack”…perhaps you can find a cookbook and learn to make more advanced foods…more advanced cooking methods, et cetera…there are so many possibilities.
I think the key is to make it really hard to master every single “Skill” or “Profession”, but NOT impossible if you are determined.

  • Facepunch bugged me im sorry.

No skill points, bad idea for the angle that rust is trying to take.

Use “books” and they are among the rarest spawns (think about it, a book in still good readable condition WOULD be pretty rare anyway).

So you find a book and you can choose to study it or drop it. If you study it, the book is consumed. I.E. you destroy the book after you study it because you know that knowledge is valuable and you don’t want anyone else to know what you know.

Once you study it, you are now able to craft items only available as that specialist. You know all the things at once and there is no type of leveling up to learn more/get better at this point.

You can drop/trade any of the items you craft. Most of the things that specialists would craft would be consumable, meaning one use, meaning there would still be a reason for people to continue to play as a specific type of specialist.

If you find another book and choose to study it, you would lose the ability to make any of the things as your former specialization, and now become an expert in the new specialization. Because it’s hard to be an expert at more than one thing at a time.

This would still be hard for a solo player, but since it all comes down to the drop of a book, it wouldn’t be any different than what a solo player faces in terms of getting blueprints/other stuff by themselves anyway.

And lastly, your specialization persists upon death. You only lose it if you study a different book.

i like this idea. but i wouldn’t “consume” the book, that way it remains as a commodity and can be looted, traded etc.

actually, i can picture a change to the system that meant you can craft things outside of basic skills only while holding the blueprint/book that represents that item, and that neither one is “consumed”. blueprints would be specific to one item/device whereas books would have a few items of a similar class, like a gun book, armour book, etc.

and could make books by combining similar typed blueprints.

Youre Idea is good , i got some expansion:

Everytime you die you dislearn the Stuff you learned in youre last life
but hey you got youre libary if you need something again you can go and learn and it again.

Realistic. + People will build “Intillengence rooms”