Player specific models and deathrun weapons (nades)

Hai FP, is there any way I can set playermodels to specific players without going through ULX, create a new group for said player, then make the item available only for them, etc.?

Also are there weapons packs or addons with working css hegrenades, flashgrenades and smokegrenades? Everything I’ve tried so far either doesn’t have w_models (can’t see what I throw), or has working client side c_models that basically do nothing other than play the throw animation and server side look like they are standing without anything in their hands, or whatever else. If the pack/addon includes other css or non-css weapons it’s even better.


For the first question, compare their SteamID() instead of their GetUserGroup()

Thanks, sorry for the late reply. Makes sense to compare the steamid. Don’t you happen to know, or anyone else, something about nades that work?