Player:Spectate() seems to be broken - Only allows in-eye spectate

I’ve been trying to implement player spectate into a gamemode I’ve been working on lately, unfortunately it hasn’t been working.

For example,

function GM:PlayerSpawn(pl)

Would output 4, or OBS_MODE_IN_EYE, despite being set to OBS_MODE_ROAMING.

I’ve tried to run this code on different servers, all with the same results.

you running this serverside or clientside or shared?


Bump, I still need a solution.

Also, I forgot to include:
Running a server with ANY vanilla gamemode that supports roaming spectate, such as TTT (which comes with gmod) will NOT work with roaming spectate either despite the gamemodes supporting it.

Alright, nevermind. CVAR “mp_forcecamera” will restrict spectator cameras. I feel so stupid right now.

It happens to me all the time. Hell, I just posted something the other day with some retarded, painfully obvious shit.