Player start up motd registration

Is there anything out there for darkrp that whenn you enter the server when you spawn a menu comes up saying.

Please register with Bananas RP and it has 2 text boxes and you have to enter a usename , password and Email and when they are done they click done or next. Then it registers them at my forums.

I think you would need SMF.

i have that

Just add your webside into your motd?
I am not have the html code yet, but search on google

He wants it forced. A motd isn’t forced, since you can close it.

Do you have the code to perform the registration?

Nobody joins shitty servers wich require you to register to a forum…

Hey look on the front page of the Lua forum

More like no one joins darkdm servers. The actual registration has the benefits of being able to add a test to check the players rp skills.

opens file searches for “ShowCloseButton” changes to ShowCloseButton( false )