Player structure surroundings

Dear Face Punch TEAM, Im you big fan. RUST most growing game in the world. I dont know how secrifice you left behind to build this awesome game. But i know how programming work is titanic HARD. You are best, guys! Love you! Can I suppose to You little suggestion: Please make the buildings of the players more alive and more fit into the surroundings. For example, after the construction of the structure, after a while its overgrown with moss, vines, overgrowth, depending on what biome the structure is located in. And visually destroes structures by the nature if not protected with cupboard. Or that the building drifts with sand or snow if it is located in the desert or in the taiga. Of course, this means the first floors, with the exception of the doorways, maybe. This should also touch the roofs, so that they are covered with snow, icicles hang from the roof, sand or moss if it is in the forest somewhere. So that nature reclaims its territory from people. And I would like more identity, more decor for more immersion in the atmosphere. For example, if I lived by the ocean, I would want to add a fisherman’s decor around the house: nets, barrels, crates, crab traps, and something that would identify me as a fisherman. I want to chill in your game. Please think about square windows, windows of a different shape, it would not break the balance but would add identity and diversity. Also, we would like to add visual damage to the structures of buildings. For example, so that bricks are knocked out or metal sticks out if the wall is damaged. But, so that through the damage it was impossible to see what is inside the building, to save the ballance of the game. Thanks

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