Player Take Damage?

What is the function for a local player to take damage? And I don’t want that GM.TakeDamage thing.

Uhhhhh clientside??


If by function you mean Hook, there is nothing clientside.

This could be of use I think

No I mean something like this: LocalPlayer():TakeDamage()

You can’t damage a player without authorization from the server, so there is no such function.

Ok then what is the server function then?

You didn’t even try to search… **[Entity.TakeDamage](**

You just can’t make yourself take damage, it would make no sense. The server does everything related to the game, the client simply displays what the server gives it.

No, see. I am trying to make it that if a player gets hit, he won’t loose HP as long as he has Armor.

[lua]ply:SetHealth(ply:Health() - number)[/lua] :eng101:

And number is?..

The amount of damage.