Player Tracker by Saana

This is an administration addon based on an old gmod11 addon i had on my RP server back in the day.
It’s main function was to simply track all deaths on the server and display a pseudo-reenactment of the deathmatch that occurred to the current online admins.

I’ve since decided to recreate and expand on it by adding more useful features.

In it’s current state, it tracks prop spam, deathmatches and arrests and has a small menu which can be used to load any event that has ever been logged in the past.

The addon can be downloaded from the Workshop.
I am open to suggestions on new features or how things can be improved/changed.

**Console Commands **
“pt_help” : Display information on all playertracker concommands.
“pt_menu” : Opens the playertracker menu.
“pt_marktime” : Sets the time before a marker is removed. default 60
“pt_clear” : Clear all current marks.


Your system looks very interesting. I’ve had vague plans of looking into this kind of stuff. Nice work!

Your approach sounds interesting, but don’t ever have your script assign the blame to a prop killer. I.e. Never have it automatically punish a prop killer (looks like you’re not going to), but also never have it say “this player was prop killed by that player”, for your script will inevitably be wrong.

The interesting thing about your script is that you use human eyes. However, you still only see still images of players (and props in the future) rather than moving ones. Be very careful that people can’t be fooled using your system to think the wrong player prop killed someone.

Detecting prop kills is VERY tricky business. I’ll add you on steam to explain further.

Or you can just not listen to propkill advocate and disable damage from moving things.

Oh I remember this from Trident. Nice to finally see it out Saana. Never got to actually try it though.

Even if he likes to fuck with props, hes still made some very valid points both in the chat we had on Steam and on other threads.
Not sure why your anti propkill script is relevant here either.

Yeeeeeeee boi

Now you can get the chance :^)


Added Prop Spam detection (only works if fpp is mounted)
You can now load previous events prior to the server being restarted
Added an Online/Offline marker next to the suspected player’s name in the pt_menu