Player:UniqueID() Clientside

How would I manage to do get the ply:UniqueID from server side to client side? I tried to datastream it but it killed the gamemode.

Wouldn’t LocalPlayer():UniqueID() return the same value as on the server?

Yes it would.

It gives me the error:

Not really getting that.

Here’s what I have:
[lua]local PlayerID = LocalPlayer:UniqueID() – Make the Unique ID[/lua]

LocalPlayer(), instead of LocalPlayer

Hasn’t LocalPlayer() been deprecated? Maybe not removed yet, though. I can’t remember really since I haven’t done any gmod programming for a little while…

I don’t know, It still works, though.
] lua_run_cl local PlayerID = LocalPlayer():UniqueID() print(PlayerID)

Works for me, I like it, thanks guys.