Player visibility-distance... too damn short?


The current view-distance for when other players are popping up/fading out is too darn close now in my opinion.
Was out frolicking in the desert when all of the sudden a group of 5 players just popped up out of thin air merely 50-60 meters away. I could really not avoid being spotted and since they where well armed and I was just carrying a loaded stick at the moment it took them about 2 seconds to move me down with their superior firepower.

For the love of survival for the weak and unarmed PLEASE increase the render-distance of players so it is possible to bravely run away when one spot a group of well armed and armored players running around like locusts looking for harmless people to slaughter.

Agreed. I’m usually playing with a group of 3-4 other people. We go around harvesting resources, barrell hunting, opportunistic raiding, etc. It makes it hard to keep track of others in your group when they just vanish if they’re more than 75m away from you. And of course, it’s always nice to be able to see other threats before they’re right on top of you.

Does anyone know what is currently limiting this? Surely it’s not Unity.

Amen. Ditto. All that.

It definitely used to be a lot farther away, maybe even a little too far, but perhaps somewhere in between would be good.

I agree… distance is way too short. It is a bit annoying when you defend your base, and people run out of the distance in the end, that is if you can’t get them all before they flee.

If you had read the patch notes, garry has been playing around with render distance to fix performance. The render priority is still being worked on which is why things look weird right now.