Player voices emited in 3D space.

Does a script exist where people’s voices come from in the game like an NPC’s would?

Say if a person talks who is to the left of you, you’d hear their voice to the left. Just like if they shot a weapon, you’d hear it from where it actually is.

It’ll be really good for roleplay or machinimas and it’ll be easier to find out who’s saying what when multiple people are talking.

We can’t affect the audio using lua.

There are limited effects you can apply to someones microphone. Like the underwater one :D. contains them all.

Ah ok, I got the idea from a bug I had a few days ago where if I went to a camera and back out again, for the following few seconds I heard my voice come from the camera like an in game noise rather than just overlayed like usual (I use voice_loopback 1). I thought it would be pretty cool if everyone’s voice could do that.

Either that or have a speaker or something but oh well.

Similar happens to me sometimes when I enter water, I’ll hear someones voice for a second.